Bashoeshoe Construction possible innovations in the hands of qualified profesionals

What we offer

Bashoeshoe Solar is a solar-based energy-tech company that seeks to democratise energy access in Africa, combining the latest advances in solar energy technology to product and process engineering and tech applications to offer an energy solution that is

Affordable & Adequate

Accessible to the majority

Safe and environmentally friendly

Accessible to the majority


Bashoeshoe Solar is a far-sighted organisation, with a unique ability to decrypt trends and determine the direction of tomorrow’s business. This enables us to anticipate challenges that are yet to be faced in an ever-changing world and apply critical thinking to everyday problems.

Solution Oriented

 Our solution-oriented approach to problems optimises fresh and innovative thinking to solve routine challenges, which is at the core of product design and engineering, internal processes design and customer service excellence.


 Bashoeshoe Solar also seeks to inspire hope and significantly impact the lives in our communities, not only through service provision to those unserved and underserved, but also through job creation and sustainable empowerment. 



Bashoeshoe Solar is an energy-tech company that offers distributed solar energy as a service i.e. a complete end-to-end service involving design and engineering, procurement and installation, management and support, with a value-added personalised smart energy management technology to make the business truly SCALABLE

Understand your experience

Bashoeshoe Solar offers intelligent and future-proof solar systems structured around the hybrid system (panels and storage) and back-up (storage only), designed to meet the needs of different market segments. 

Hybrid system: includes PV solar panels, an inverter and battery storage. The panels power the house/business, while charging the battery for use in the evening or during power cuts and peak tariff periods, allowing the customer to achieve maximum savings. 

Back-up: includes an inverter and battery storage. The system uses grid power to charge the battery for use during power cuts and to manage grid power consumption during peak tariff periods, offering protection against blackouts and achieve some savings.


Real time stats

each installation offers a basic package with backup autonomy, which can be scaled up automatically for short-term power surges (capacity on demand), thanks to built-in storage capacity, using AI and machine learning to automate interaction with customer and guide them through surge support.

Multilingual & translatable

Bashoeshoe Solar is also engineering its offering to enable those that rent to leverage existing electrical infrastructure to significantly improve access to power. Addressing energy poverty requires an offering that is affordable and accessible to most income groups.

Amazingly responsive

With the strategic intent of democratising energy access in Africa, Bashoeshoe Solar’s primary focus is the residential sector, whether it is homeowners in stand alone houses or complexes.

Community builder

Bashoeshoe Solar serves customers across all income groups. Bashoeshoe Solar also recognises the importance of designing and delivering solar power solutions that address the unique circumstances of small businesses, wherever they are operating from.